Vocational Accreditation

Vocational Accreditation

Vocational qualifications offer practical learning programs that relate to specific job roles or job sectors.

There are many different types of vocational qualifications in a wide range of subjects at all levels – from Entry Level right up to Level 8.

Vocational courses are designed to help young people learn in a practical way about a specific job area – helping them to get the skills needed to start a job, progress in a career or go on to higher levels of education.

  • Vocational subjects that are related to a broad employment area such as business, engineering, IT, health and social care
  • Vocational courses that lead to specific jobs such as hairdressing, accounting, professional cookery, plumbing
  • Apprenticeships where you are employed and trained for a specific job role – getting paid as you learn and gain in-work qualifications

Vocational qualifications refer to work-related qualifications. They are designed to enable the learner to acquire knowledge and skills that are required by the national occupational standards (NOS) to be able to perform a particular job. A vocational qualification gives the learner proof that he or she is adequately trained for a particular workplace once the program is completed, especially if holding an occupational vocational qualification. The latter guarantees that the held qualification complies with the national occupational standards (NOS) for a particular job or sector such as healthcare and accounting for instance.

Higher Education Council provides accreditation of vocational qualifications. In the case you are interested, please send an email to accreditation@hec-sy.com

Vocational courses provide training and qualifications related to a specific job, such as being a plumber, hairdresser, or a professional cook. These courses are mostly offered at Further Education (FE) Colleges. They are usually very practical and involve learning in real situations, with real customers, such as cutting hair in the college salon that is open to the public, cooking for paying customers in the college restaurant, or installing bathrooms in the plumbing workshops.