Higher Education Council

North Syria

An independent higher educational, academic body was established in northern Syria in 2016 with the aim of licensing and accrediting universities, institutes, and higher education institutions in Syria and around the world.

About Higher Education Council

Higher Education Council is an academic body with an independent legal personality. Its mission is to formulate and implement the policy of higher education in Syria and to supervise all its academic and research institutions, both public and private, following the general policy of managing academic teaching standards.

Higher Education Council undertakes the following basic tasks proposing a policy for higher education in all its specializations and levels, setting the general policy for scientific research in universities and institutes, and directing it towards addressing social, economic, and cultural problems.


Higher Education Council provides accreditation services to universities, institutes, academies, and all higher education institutions

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Higher Education Council proposes, and provides structures and plans for certification, and licensing of newly-established HEIs.

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Quality Assurance

Higher Education Council plans to improve the quality assurance of HEIs. For that reason, it provides HEIs with reports of QA.

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Higher Education Council seeks to improve and develop the work of higher education institutions. It plans to help them to achieve their goals.

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Quality is our concern

Higher Education Council works to raise the level and efficiency of universities and educational institutions that have obtained its accreditation.


Preparing the necessary plans to implement the higher education policy and linking it to plans for economic, social, and cultural development.


Setting rules for academic accreditation for universities and the conditions for granting and canceling it.

Which way?

Expressing an opinion regarding issues of higher education in its various degrees before the higher councils.

Supporting HEIs

Higher Education Council regularly holds seminars and workshops in a physical manner and through Zoom to develop universities, ensure their quality systems and improve their accreditation standards.


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