About HEC

Higher Education Council undertakes the following basic tasks:

  1. Proposing a policy for higher education in all its specializations and levels, within the framework of the revolutionary general policy for managing in Syria.
  2. Setting the general policy for scientific research in universities and institutes and directing it towards addressing social, economic, and cultural problems in Syria.
  3. Preparing the necessary plans to implement the higher education policy and linking it to plans for economic, social, and cultural development.
  4. Setting rules for accepting students in universities and institutes.
  5. e- Coordination between universities and institutes in terms of integration, level of education, academic degrees, specializations, research, training, qualification, translation, and Arabization.
  6. Setting rules for academic accreditation for universities and the conditions for granting and canceling it.
  7. Propose the general budget for each of the universities, institutes, and institutions affiliated with the Higher Education Council.
  8. H- Approving the budget of each of the universities, institutes, and private institutions affiliated with the Higher Education Council.
  9. Expressing an opinion regarding issues of higher education in its various degrees before the higher councils.
  10. Determining the duration of the study, examination dates, holidays, educational camps, and training.
  11. Determining the types, styles, and methods of education.
  12. Setting rules and conditions for delegation and selection of teaching assistants.
  13. Setting rules and conditions for the appointment and promotion of members of the teaching staff.
  14. Setting special rules for practicing the profession in universities and educational institutions affiliated with it.
  15. Other matters related to it in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force.

Proposing the creation of universities, research centers, and public and private higher institutes to issue relevant decrees, which are to be opened by a decision of the Higher Education Council.