Board of Experts

Higher Education Council is proud to have the following professors among its members

Dr. Hussain Alummar

Dr. Yasser Alkanish

Dr. Anas Sabouh

Dr. Khalled Altaweel

Dr. Nidal Alkateb

Dr. Suhaib Almaznuk

Dr. Ahmad Alafdal

Dr. Muhammed Abdulhai

Dr. Mahmoud Aldaoud

Dr. Najwa Qassab

Dr. Yassen Aloush

Dr. Ahmad Alyousef

Dr. Riad Wattar

Dr. Nada Abunakra

Dr. Mustafa Taleb

Dr. Sulaiman Alasli

Dr. Ahmad Alkurdi

Dr. Ziad Aboud

Dr. Rida Durai

Dr. Firas Aloush

Dr. Ahmad Stef

Dr. Taher Simaq

Dr. Majdi Alhusni

Dr. Hassan Jubran

Dr. Safaa Aloulu

Higher Education Council welcomes international experts who would like to join the board of experts. In the case you are interested, please send us an email at:

Research Centre, Higher Education Building
Box: 111, City of Idlib, North Syria